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Discover the Top Beaches in the Dominican Republic with Our Comprehensive Guide.

April 10, 20235 min read

Renowned for its tropical rainforests, local traditions, and immaculate golf courses, the Dominican Republic is truly a Caribbean gem. However, its most breathtaking feature is undoubtedly its 1,000 miles of pristine coastline, boasting over 200 stunning beaches. With so many options for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, it can be overwhelming to choose which beaches to visit. Fear not! Read on to discover our top 10 picks for the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.


Playa Rincón, situated on the eastern coast of the Samaná peninsula, is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean

1. Playa Rincón, Las Galeras

Frequently lauded as one of the best Caribbean beaches, Playa Rincón graces the eastern coast of the Samaná peninsula, framed by majestic 2,000-foot-high cliffs. Though reaching this hidden gem may require a bit of a journey, the breathtaking beauty of the powdery sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters make it a destination worth the effort. Relaxation and sun-soaking await at this stunning location, while snorkeling in the pristine waters is an ideal pastime for aquatic enthusiasts.

2. Playa Boca Chica, Boca Chica

Boca Chica, located just 20 miles from the Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo, is another gem among the country's best beaches. Protected by coral reefs, its tranquil waters make it an ideal spot for families with young children. Moreover, for those seeking a perfect blend of beach and city vibes, Boca Chica offers the best of both worlds. After a delightful morning at the beach, visitors can explore Santo Domingo's centuries-old architecture, modern art galleries, shops, and diverse cuisine for an enriching afternoon experience.

Playa Dorada is one of several Blue Flag-certified beaches in the Dominican Republic

3. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

Located along the stunning Amber Coast, just a short 10-minute drive east of downtown Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada is a popular beach for visitors arriving from the nearby resort areas. This reef-protected beach boasts wide stretches of pristine sand that are Blue Flag-certified for their exceptional water quality and services. While soaking in the natural beauty is a highlight, Playa Dorada offers much more than that. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in thrilling activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, and banana boating, making it a paradise for adventure seekers.

Travelers visit Punta Cana to walk along the sandy shores of Playa Bávaro, one of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic

4. Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana

Situated on the picturesque eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is a renowned tourist destination, and its iconic Bávaro Beach is a major draw. Spanning an impressive 30 miles, this stunning stretch of beach features golden sand and tranquil waters, perfect for swimming year-round. As Punta Cana is a top hotspot for tourists, the shores of Bávaro Beach are dotted with luxurious all-inclusive hotels, offering a blissful retreat for visitors seeking a truly indulgent experience on the silky-smooth sands.

Playa Cayo Levantado is perfect for beachgoers who want to escape the crowds, as it's located on a secluded island

5. Playa Cayo Levantado, Caya Levantado

Nestled on an island just off the Samaná peninsula, near the mouth of Bahía de Samaná, lies one of the Dominican Republic's finest beaches. Accessed by a short ferry ride from the mainland, stepping onto this island feels like entering a secluded paradise. However, be prepared as the seclusion also means limited facilities, so packing a picnic lunch and ample drinks is advisable. For the more adventurous, there are hiking trails that wind through the lush foliage-covered hills, offering opportunities for active exploration and enjoyment of the natural beauty of the area.

The remote Playa Bahía de las Águilas can be accessed by boat or ATV

6. Playa Bahía de las Águilas, Pedernales

If you've ever fantasized about unwinding on a secluded beach in a tropical paradise, Bahía de Las Águilas is the ultimate destination. Accessible primarily by ATV or boat, this pristine stretch of sand is a hidden gem in the Dominican Republic. While it may lack modern amenities, it more than compensates with its serene waters, unparalleled privacy, and abundant ecotourism opportunities. Nestled within the Jaragua National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the country's most breathtaking natural reserves, Bahía de Las Águilas is a true haven for nature lovers and those seeking an untouched beach experience.

Playa Cabarete is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the Dominican Republic

7. Playa Cabarete, Cabarete

Playa Cabarete, also known as "Kite Beach," situated in the vibrant resort town of Cabarete, is globally renowned as one of the premier kitesurfing destinations. It's a haven for travelers who want to witness the pros in action or even try their hand at the thrilling sport. While it may not be ideal for swimming due to the crowds of athletes at various skill levels, the sight of colorful sails gliding through the air is a spectacle worth seeing.

Playa Juan Dolio is surrounded by resorts, bars, and casual eateries

8. Playa Juan Dolio, Juan Dolio

For those who crave a lively atmosphere, Playa Juan Dolio on the Caribbean coast, between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, is the perfect destination. Surrounded by all-inclusive resorts, beachside bars, and casual eateries, it offers a vibrant scene where you can indulge in local cuisine and enjoy the sand and surf. Just remember to wait for 30 minutes before wading back into the water.

9. Playa Bahoruco, Barahona

Unlike the other beaches on this list, Playa Bahoruco offers a unique experience with its shore made of small pebbles. However, the waves more than make up for it, making it one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic for surfing. Additionally, it's located close to Casa Bonita, where you can continue your outdoor adventures with a thrilling zipline tour.

If you're looking for a non-touristy beach in the Dominican Republic, visit Playa Grande

10. Playa Grande, Rio San Juan

While many of the beaches on this list are popular tourist destinations, Playa Grande stands out as a low-key spot on the north side of the island. With its coral-colored sand, swaying palm trees, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Playa Grande exudes a laid-back vibe. Unlike other more developed beach areas, there are only a few food stalls nearby, making it one of the least crowded spots on the island. Even on busy days, you can still find a peaceful patch of sand to set up camp for a day of sunbathing.

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